Digital transformation

for Government
Integration of digital services across departmental systems.
Improved and visibility tax collection.
Improved performance of government agencies.
Cost reduction
Cost elimination using digital communications.
Social service
Making the grade.
Non-cash use
Facilitate shift to cashless society

Solutions for tax ministries

Real-time VAT tracking in the b2c retail sector
Improve VAT compliance and close down the grey economy
Catalyse the shift to a cashless economy
Country cashback
Introduce smart incentives for consumers to pay electronically, rather that with cash
Real-time fiscal tracking of the b2b sector
Digital invoicing
Improve b2b reporting and close down the grey economy
End the distribution and supply of counterfeit products
Digital marks
Protect consumers and legitimate business

We provide the following services

Audit. Optimization of current business processes
Development of control systems and their integration with existing solutions
Assistance in preparing legislative regulatory documents
Integration of interagency digital communications. Setting up a convenient exchange of information between the government agencies
Automation of data exchange procedures for targeted operations between business entities and government agencies
Monitor all economic activity and tax revenues in real-time
Real-time fraud detection and macro forecasting using AI
Design and development of public services for citizens (medical services, education, etc.)
Advanced analytics and custom reporting tools

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