Digital transformation

for Business.
Efficient digital technology for the business environment.
Increase revenues
Optimization of schemes that increase company revenues
Reduce costs
Detection of points of company income leakage
Update models
Detection and replacement of outdated models of company operation
Online services
Create company services for a more accurate economic analysis
Improved competitiveness and customer loyalty

Digital transformation

for business

B2B operation model

State data
The state provides access to a database in which commercial, statistical and financial data of the country’s business entities are accumulated.
Company data
Companies accumulate their own data. The collection and storage of key metrics are configured and optimized. Digital communication between different data sources is implemented.
Design and development of B2B services.
Development of online and offline services for the individual needs of companies. Analysis, configuring and tracing the targeted business processes.
Introducing unique methodologies
Optimization of supply and sale of products and services. Real-time tracking of each item. Analysis of marketing activities. Behavior prediction. Improvement of control over the correct implementation of business processes and timely detection of abnormal processes. Data clustering based on machine learning algorithms.

We provide the following services

Audit. Optimization of current business processes.
Development of control systems and their integration with existing solutions.
Configuration, collection and optimization of company data.
Development of online and offline services based on company data and on data provided by the state.
Development of analysis and forecast algorithms.
Creation of individual analytics systems
Detection of fraudulent schemes. Macro forecasts
Development of monitoring systems for key factors.
Preparation and generation of analytical online reports

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