Digital transformation

for Government & Business
Unified digital platform.
Comprehensive modernization of the country's economy.

Data Analysis

Behavior pattern analysis based on non-supervisory machine learning algorithms: RFM segmentation, hierarchical clustering, K-Means algorithms.

Macro forecasts

Carry out nowcasting and forecasting at the short to medium term horizonts using AI based models

Fraud detection

Fraud detection based on identified behavior patterns of business entities. Detection of abnormal patterns using neural network methods.


Machine learning
Fraud detection. Behavior pattern analysis. Space-time prediction. Anomaly detection.
Providing transparency, security reliance, reduction of costs and risks. The latest enterprise solutions enabling high-speed transaction processing. Solving the tasks of transaction integrity control.
Geodata visualization
Binding the location of all data collection devices to the map. Visualization and analysis of data, spatial location of the devices at different scales of the monitored territory. Heat and color indications. Prompt decision-making.
for business
Development of B2B online services. Obtaining and analyzing accurate results and optimal interaction schemes based on the collection of targeted transactions of business processes. Macro forecasts. Behavioral forecasting. Anomaly detection in business processes.
for government agencies
Fiscalization, real-time vat monitoring & cash register fraud detection using AI

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